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Watch earthquakes in real time.


Here is a cusom map similar to that Dutchsince uses for the Enhanced versions.
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The free version is a fully functional version of Earthquake 3D which does not include any complicated user agreements, nag messages, disabled functions, advertisements, user tracking, or other forms of pestware. 100% Google free since 2003. The Enhanced version gives you to ability to customize maps and bells.

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You can download the FREE Edition or the ENHANCED VERSION from the Wolton website.

Be sure and Visit Dutchsinse for Nightly Live Streaming on Youtube or Twitch... 10pm (pst) current and upcoming earthquakes who also uses 3D earthquake.

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Free Bible Code Software

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Program features:
Super fast multiple word/expression equidistant search in Hebrew Bible text
English-Hebrew dictionary
synchronized parallel full Hebrew Bible text with English / Russian translation display (see sample)
see, type and print Hebrew on any non Hebrew Windows - from 3.11 up to XP
great colored graphics presentation/print
organizing of search results to groups (slides), data storage in universal Access 2 MDB format (using simple ODBC)
free results exchange by export/import
English interface on non Hebrew Windows, Hebrew interface on Hebrew Windows

Program requirements:
12.8 megabytes free disk space for full Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament)
7.3 megabytes free disk space for Torah (Hebrew Pentateuch)

Review - What we noticed with this program

We have not tried on windows 8 or 10 but have worked fine on other PC windows versions. This is a very basic program but it does the job. Please note they are a trusted website that has been around since 2004. Any questions regarding this program you can email them which is found on their website.

Free software from the archives

The software below are programs that were available at one time but the sites are no longer online to our knowledge. We have used and kept this software for years and we wish to share it with you. We feel that some software, although no longer online is too good to just become a memory when it's still fun and useful today.

Bible Decoder
Click the image below to download the setup program

Bible Decoder PDF Manual Download
Although the site is no longer up, the manual is very helpful.

To learn more about Bible Codes Click Here

Here are some videos on how to use the program

Review - What we noticed with this program

Everything seemed to work fine with no problems or errors. If Windows 8 or 10 won't install it, simply right click the icon, go to properties, compatibility, choose windos 7 or XP, run as administratior. Close and install.

I do not believe this website is on line any longer. But we wanted to share the free program with you. Click the photo above to download the Setup file.

Old looking Bible for Windows PC

KJV part 1 Download
KJV Part 2 Download
2 parts, relatively small downloads for both Old and New Testiments.

Athough their website is no longer online their software can still be found at various places online. View more of their software hosted by Software Informer located Here!

Review - What we noticed with this program

* Does give a false positive, but completely safe.
*Encountered an error when installing, received error stating whether to Abort, Ignore or Cancel. We click ignore and it goes right in. We don't know why all that is but it's safe and runs great with no problems or issues!


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