Resources you will need

Hosea 4:6

We would like to see everyone equipped with knowledge. In the word of God it says, people perish for a lack of knowledge. Here are some resources you will need to help you on your way or keep you informed as to what is going on in the world. If you see this before things hit the fan, be sure and get all the information you can. We can't guarantee how long these links will be up or the accuracy of each one when the time comes. We just know they're credible NOW and please understand we are not responsible for the content on the links, we just share them from different locations that we find because we want everyone to have the best available resources for survival in these last days as possible. Grab all the info you can, download or "save page as" on the links you go to in case internet goes down. We have done extensive research in finding these resource links to save you as much time as possible to help you in your time of need as quick as possible. Good Luck and God Bless! Please keep checking back as we are and will be updating this site as much as we can.

~Mr. & Mrs. Robbi & Shirl Spencer
(Rock Robster and Tainted Angel)

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